Fire! Walk with me

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Fire! Walk with me. Rise, let it be.
You can melt me with a single glance,
But I’ll reborn like a Phoenix, you’ll see…
Expand! Just make my body burn at once,
I will surrender, like there’s no second chance.
Fire!Dance with me. Rise, I’ll set you free.
Bite my neck, stroke my curves with  your flames,
I want your burning tongue to tremble on my skin.
Sparks in my eyes, like my soul-mirror frames,
Lets make it blaze, no hide and seek games.
Sara A.

© Under the surface

Kamila Szwalbe Phototgraphy, Philosophy, Poetry, post

Some things & beings look beautiful,

But there is only harm that they can provide.

Some things & beings seems to be powerful,

But what overcomes you? Only you decide.

Some things & beings looks unacceptable,

But the real treasure doesn’t need to shine.

Some things & beings seems hopeless & miserable,

But if it’s deception, then you will pay a fine.

You need to look closely, what’s under the surface?

So many mistakes, comes from  wrong assumptions.

Use your imagination & give it some space!

You need to feel deeply, what’s under the surface?

Believe me or not, that’s a quite good solution.

Don’t accept fake & you will find a better place.

Sara A.


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If You want my emotions & body, there is no doubt
Problem starts when my mind doesn’t comply.
When I feel it… I want to scream and shout!
As I am coming, as a whole package with all supplies.
There is a difference, if someone try to force You,
Or get to know You and learn how to turn up weaknesses.
You can demand, set certain rules, that You can hold to.
Without communication, it will bring You only emptiness.

If You want my life, it needs to be built on trust,
Problem starts when You have something to hide.
When I feel it…my faith in You turns into dust!
But I am like Phoenix in fire, that’s only past died.
There is a difference, if someone tries to manipulate You,
Or is making mistakes, feeling lost, being a Phoenix as well.
You can have other path, create Your life and believe it’s true.
Without honesty you will not burn, but You will be the one who fell.

Sara A.

© Mirror

Kamila Szwalbe Phototgraphy, Philosophy, Poetry, post

My soul is like a mirror,

I will give you what I get.

So if it’s feeling familiar,

I am repaying your debt.

My soul is like a mirror,

Reflects what’s deep in your heart.

Reality & view can’t be much clearer,

I feel what’s hidden from the start.

My soul is like a mirror,

there is no place for fake.

Lets capture something superior,

We will avoid another mistake.

Sara A.

© Free Spirit

Philosophy, Poetry, post

Apparently you can try & try to control me,
Change my perception,will feel if something wrong.
Create your game, play, hide, manipulate & deceive.
Once my heart will take me to the place I belong.

Obviously you can try & try to enforce me,
Even if I follow,I will find a path, I’m not blind.
I can share, can work hard, sacrifice & help in need.
You can be sneaky,believe me it’s a matter of time.

Of course you can try & try to enslave me,
But you will conquer no more than surface.
I  was born with knowledge what means to be free!
So there is no challenge that I cannot face.

Sara A.


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Rage, Desire, Destruction & Passion.
Evoke chills-But grows not only from evil sources.

Kindness, Peace, Love & Compassion.
Called Weaknesses-But they can be biggest forces.

Fear, Pain, Sorrow & Sadness.
Raise barriers-But they can’t be avoided, it’s only inner curse.

Dream, Faith, Knowledge & Awareness.
Often perceived separately -But together they’re creating Universe.

It is your choice in every moment!
I can only rhyme, as I am a poet.

Sara A.